Our motto is ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE…Believe in what? God firstly because with God all things are possible (math ch19 v6) Secondly in yourself, your abilities and your dreams. You have unlimited potential. Whatever goal you have in life whether it be losing 20kgs or becoming the next world champion if you believe you can and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices and have a never give up never surrender attitude! YOU CAN achieve anything! The only person who can stop you is you!



Redemption Martial Arts and fitness Centre offers world class Martial Arts and Fitness in a friendly motivating environment. No egos or bad attitudes allowed just good hard training! Martial Arts and Fitness training is more than just learning to fight or get in shape it’s a way of life and a state of mind built apon LOVE, HONOUR and RESPECT.



We offer a variety of martial arts and fitness training, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Personal training, kettle Bells, TRX suspension training and loads more.Wheather you are a beginner or over weight? A pro fighter or super fit we strive to empower and equip you to reach your Goals!