The Gym


We set out to create and offer our clients a professional, well-equipped and friendly work-out facility as our first priority. We understand that the a facility should not only provide the necessary space and tools, it also needs to offer clients and guests a safe, clean and friendly environment. And so Redemption was born.



Situated on the 9th floor of the Thulbagh Centre in the heart of the city, our open space consists of multi-functional workout areas, each equipped and designed to allow for the best practical workout, for individuals and groups. From our main 25m x 5m long workout area, to our individual rooms and weight training zones, the entire 9th floor has been laid out to accommodate differant disciplines and requirements. Nestled in the middle of the gym are both male and female private showers, lockers and change rooms.  



Ranging from Heavy-bags to Rowing machines, we have equipped the gym to cater for most if not all training requirements, right down to a professional-size Boxing Ring! We have sectioned off the gym to isolate and house Weights, TRX Suspension Straps, Stationary Cycles, Floor Mats as well as Fighter's Pads and Glove equipment.   

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